Shared topics

June 23, 2010

US news outlets network of shared topicsNews ties: A study of media-level agenda-setting
Katherine Ognyanova

3 Responses to “Shared topics”

  1. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 1 – This submission shows the topic similarity between news outlets, where a tie exists if two organizations cover a similar array of topics. The pairing of the block-model results and the detail graph is very helpful, as the detailed layout is so dense as to make identifying positions challenging. I wonder if the image would be improved by forcing the nodes into a positioning more similar to the block layout or somehow incorporating a weighting that differentiates within and between-block ties?

  2. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 2 – The visualization uses a block-modeling approach to show that despite a proliferation of media outlets, there is much convergence on news topics. While the block model image portrays a general sense of the interconnectedness of the media system, the network image itself is somewhat swamped by density of ties, with little information aside from the size and centrality of the media outlet evident from the detailed image. The rendering itself is nicely done, with a color scheme that is easy to view and differentiate.

  3. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 3 – This visualization has excellent theoretical framing, providing an interesting question, and an easily understood visual answer. The blockmodel and adjacency plots compliment each other well, and give us both a sense of connectedness and structure. The use of loops in the blockmodel is especially effective at giving us a sense of internal connectedness compared to connectedness between. I’d be interested to see a hybrid of the blockmodel and adjacency views.

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