Management by cost or interdependencies

June 23, 2010

Dolars or links?Dollars or links?
Graham Durant-Law


3 Responses to “Management by cost or interdependencies”

  1. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 1 – “Dollars or Links” uses a deliberately constrained layout to compare the relative importance of particular organizational projects under two different criteria, captured in the node sizes. The visualization clearly shows that projects with a high cost are not necessarily, and often are not, the projects which are critical for the completion of a high number of other projects. The figure nicely juxtaposes two networks to show a point. Unfortunately, the only thing that changes across networks is node size, and it is not clear how the network structure or color scheme contribute to the information of the image. It might be useful to use the colors as distinct from the positions; and allow the network structure to determine placement?

  2. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 2 – The visualization juxtaposes two ways of thinking about the importance of projects. The first is its dollar value, and the second is the extent to which it is involved with other projects. The image shows that the two need not overlap and calls into question the prominence given to high cost projects. While the image compares these two perspectives well, the image itself appears cluttered, as the lines cross a great deal of otherwise empty space. It is not clear from the position of red versus blue links if there is systematic dependencies between departments, or if one department relies on another more than others, so I wonder if there would be a way to summarize that information in width of links or placement?

  3. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 3 – This visualization provides clear visual back-up for its main thrust – acquisition value belies the extent to which each node depends on others. It is elegant in its practical grounding. I would be curious to see a hybrid network – can both acquisition value and node assistance value be combined to better represent the reality of each node within the organizational structure?

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