Bi-partitie network

June 23, 2010

Visualizing positive and negative endorsements of S.1782 (2007)

Skye Bender-de Moll

4 Responses to “Bi-partitie network”

  1. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 1 – I really appreciate the author’s use of a careful color scheme of support and opposition so the viewer may easily discern coalition blocks. The visualization also includes other bills supported by each organization, which hints at a more contextualized story – would love to see this fully searchable/interactive. It appears that subgroups of organizations tend to support similar bills, but organizational coalitions are far from uniform; I’m guessing that sets of organizations may come together or fall apart depending on the particular bill of interest. Thus, while the visualization nicely captures the coalition structure for the particular bill of interest, there is, unfortunately, very little sense of how the other bills are interrelated.

  2. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 2 – The positioning of organizations that support and opposed the bill around Bill S 1782 made the two sides visually easy to locate. In addition to the corresponding edge color scheme, the image conveys a clear picture of the bill’s supporters as mainly activist groups and its opposition as mainly business organizations. While the color the organization is assigned shows their voting pattern, the reader may be overwhelmed with the volume of bills connected by grey lines and surrounding the organizations, would be nice to have a way to summarize the “similar” bills.

  3. admin Says:

    PEER REVIEW COMMENT No. 3 – This visualization makes great use of user input, providing unabbreviated node identities during mouse-over, and detailed information when clicked. This provides a great circumvention of the trade-off between node information and graph cluster. It also employs an effective yet simple color/layout scheme to display a bipartite graph without the artificial separations that often stilt bipartite graphs. I wonder how this graph would look with the other edges colored (perhaps in faint red/green) according to whether the organization opposed S 1782 – would it give a sense of how firm these organizational battle lines hold across bills?

  4. […] My submission was cleaned-up interactive version of the bill-endorsement network from MapLight data with click-through to bill summaries. The layout was produced using SoNIA (now with variable node label sizes!) and the MDSJ library. This entry was posted in network viz. Bookmark the permalink. ← US Social Forum Topic Network […]

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